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Do you want better results in less time?

Don't miss out on achieving your dream life.
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Buy The VIP Upgrade

**P.S.: This is a Limited Time Pre-Launch Offer at over 95% discounted price. Bianca Valenta is only offering limited packages at this price, on a first come, first saved basis. Bianca Valenta reserves the right to remove the offer at any time.

Learn the SECRETS of how to get your life in control...

without being stressed!

Here's Why You Want To Upgrade
To The VIP Package 

Reason #1 - Premium 1 to 1 Coaching

You want expert, 1 - 1 support which will up-level your life. Having Bianca personally coach you and give you deep insight into what needs to change and more importantly, she will teach you simple shifts that will have a MASSIVE impact on your life.

  • Reason #2 -You Want Excellent Results

    You are committed to making change happen, and you want the benefits of my 15 years experience, including the insider tips & knowledge that is going to make your life SO much easier.

  • Reason #3 - Your Success & Happiness Is IMPORTANT To You

    This Package will give you insight on how to up-level all areas of your life, giving you the tool, tips and motivation to improve your career, manage home life and shifting your mindset so that you can do it all!

  • Are You Ready To Take Action?

    If you want to become successful in every area of your life, and feel calm, confident and in control, you will decide that NOW is the time to show yourself you are not afraid.

    (Only £48 )

    I'm Ready For Success

    Included Bonuses When You Purchase
    The VIP Package Today!

    Bonus #1: 45 Minute Onboarding Coaching Session 

    I will personally work with you to get clarity on the goal and develop an bespoke action plan. I will use my highly trained, external perspective using my 15 years of coaching experience that will make a massive difference, in just one session.

    (£250 Value)

    Bonus #2: Coast Masterclass

    The COAST coaching method will allow you to get clarity on what you want and more importantly, help you develop a UNIQUE action plan to achieve it. Also included is 5 Secrets Of Instant Motivation Workbook which includes a COAST action planner.

    (£199 Value)

    Bonus #3: The Time Maximiser

    Learn how to maximise your time with a few simple strategies. I will explain how you can run your life with the same efficiency as running a business. You will learn how to analyse your time and batch process repetitive tasks to free up valuable time. You will also get a meal planner and time planner download.

    (£199 Value)

    Bonus #4: What Makes You Tick

    Understanding why you do what you do is the key to long terms success. In this video you will learn your values and how to use these to motivate and focus your time. You will also receive a 'Discover Your Values' worksheet.

    (£199 Value)

    Bonus #5: Create Your KPI's

    Knowing your KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) will help you prioritise your life so you can avoid overwhelm. Transform your life with the rule of 3x3 and create a life strategy, where every day you are doing what counts.

    (£199 Value)

    Bonus #6: Audio MP3 Files

    For busy women like us, being able to access resources on the go makes our life so much easier. Listen to the videos in the car, on the train on when ever you're out and about!

    (£99 Value)

    Bonus #7: 12 Month Success Solution Membership

    Join other ambitious women in the Facebook group, where you will get free group coaching, inspirational advice, weekly live videos and success coaching resources to help you take your life to the next level. Normally £39 per month.

    (£468 Value)

    Bonus #8: Lifetime Portal, Live videos and & Resources Access  

    Not only will you have access to the membership portal, you will have access to all the Daily Live videos, including MP3 files and any future updates to the program.


    The Total Value Of The Bonuses Amounts To

    So...What's The Catch?

    I know there are some coaches that offer you something "too good to be true", with is an ulterior motive. Well, I'm not one of those coaches. I'm offering this package because I genuinely want you to succeed and I know women who buy this package get exceptional results. 

    •  I'm a values driven coach and I genuinely care - that's why my clients get exceptional results such as promotions, improved relationships and learn how to love living their life.

    •  I don't want cost to be a barrier to your success - if you want it, I know you'll get it..

    •  I used to be a stressed, working mum and I want to help women improve their life and career.

      Too many women are stressed & overwhelmed - this needs to change!

    •  My clients get amazing results, and I want you to share your success with the world.
       When you get experience the life changing results, I would love a testimonial to share :)

    Buy The VIP Upgrade For Only £48

    How The VIP Package Will Improve Your Life

    Control Your Thoughts

    Learn strategies to manage your thought processes so you no longer become overwhelmed.

    Improved Sleep

    Immediate results of the package are less stress and better sleep. Helping you feel focussed and energised.

    Less Stress- More Flow

    When you have clarity and a clear action plan to overcome obstacles, you create a system that flows.

    Become More Visible

    By feeling more confident you will become more visible and assertive in your career and in your relationship.

    Reduced Tension

    Stop feeling tense,  stressed and like you're burning the candle at both ends. You will learn to manage your priorities in the time available.

    Better Communication

    Know yourself at a deeper level so you are more confident in the decisions you make and are better at communicating.

    Rarely having enough time, rushing around and always having more to do, is exhausting!

    I know, I used to feel like that too - and so did many of my clients before they worked with me. The feeling of being stressed, feeling like I was in a hamster wheel and I couldn't get off!

    You have ambitious dreams and want more from your life, but you never seem to have the time to invest in yourself.

    If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, then the VIP package is for you. 

    • Do you want simple and effective ways to manage your time & priorities, that are easy to implement?

    • Do you want to become more optimised and focussed at work or in your business?

    • Do you want to be happy & present with kids and loved ones?

    • Do you want to get out of bed in the morning, energised and looking forward to the day?

    • Do you want to make a difference & make your life count so you have no regrets?

    Overthinking or questioning yourself?

    That feeling that you've missed or forgotten something is the worst. It leads to anxiety and self doubt. Never sure if you've done everything that needs to be done.

    Scared You're Missing Out

    You know you only get on chance on this earth, and you have a nagging feeling that you're missing out on what's REALLY important.

    Difficult To Switch Off/Relax?

    You're life is hectic, you often feel tired, but when it is time to sleep you find it hard to drop off or your sleep is interrupted. 

    Feeling Guilty?

    You never seem to have enough time for work, kids, partner, friends or family, OR for you - and you're tired of feeling guilty.


    • Ambitious women who are willing to take action to get what they want.

    • Women who are ready for success in their lives and comfortable with committing to themselves.

    • Women who know the basics, have read self help books, listened to podcasts, watched Youtube videos but are missing the "golden nugget" tactics that will accelerate and maintain their success and achievement.

    • Women who want a proven system for managing their priorities so they can grow their career and business.


    Read what they say...

    I wanted to get my life in control, as I always had so much to do and never enough time to do it. Bianca's advice was spot on - and I finally uncovered the cause of the problem and how to get everything sorted. After completing the course, I finally have a strategy and a mindset that works - and I get to sit down & relax in the evening, GUILT FREE!!

    Jackie BW

    Letting Agent & Mum of 2

    Bianca helped me identify the areas I wanted to work on, and we started making progress almost immediately. At the end of the first session I was delighted that I had taken this first step. I had been surprised at the insights Bianca had made about me, things that I could tell were obviously true, but that I hadn't until the noticed.

    Julia B.

    Real Estate Solicitor

    Juggling work and home was proving really tricky before I started the challenge. In our session Bianca helped me see how I could start making small changes that have made a massive difference. I'm now able to prioritise rather than try do everything at once and give myself a hard time when I can't! If you're thinking about it, don't... Just do it because you won't regret it!

    Caroline F

    HR Director


    This is a one time offer -You Don't Want To Miss Out...

    Buy The VIP Upgrade

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